Dr. Dohms – Consulting Business Development 

•  your partner for strategic development

•  stepping you up internationally

•  specialized for small and medium sized enterprises

•  aligning project teams strategically

•  venturing Chemistry & Pharma

•  enabling investors with business intelligence

•  advisory for regulatory affairs in Europe

Expanding business to develop small an medium sized enterprises

We provide specialized sales support for owners of all kind of SME (“Mittelständische Wirtschaft”).


Our clients get access to lucrative, cutting edge or highly complex market segments and business intelligence/ analysis. We enable our clients to unlock value for the market. This includes M&A.


We dramatically augment their inhouse skillset. Our expertise enables alignment and efficient functioning between  the team and executive management. 


For new ventures


Business insights for investors - biotech, pharmatech, finechem and greentech.


We have successfully delivered unique business leads. These have resulted in overachieving of sales targets, highly effective marketing initiatives, smart business Intelligence and planting innovative seeds for growth.



Dr. Christian Dohms, organic chemist with background in Biotechnology, Univ. Stuttgart.


Certified Business Coach – Dehner Academy – Konstanz and Berlin 2022. 


Seasoned business development professional, with numerous awards for overachieving sales targets. International career and track record of growing international business – sales of products and manufacturing services. 


Providing strong market insights and access.


Network in various industry segments.


Knowledgeable about pharmaceutical & health and chemical industry, drug substance biotechnology, active pharmaceutical, food ingredient business development and regulatory affairs.




“Strategic advice, his network and business intelligence led by Dr Dohms laid the cornerstone for one of our key new businesses in chemical production.”

Sanochemia Pharmazeutika GmbH

“Christian put us in contact with the economic buyers in a large organisation and navigated the conversations until the contract was signed.”

Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH

“We could thoroughly assess the market environment and develop key client relationships.” 

Pharmacare Premium Ltd. 

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